Not just a content platform
Enthusiasts gain metaverse space and NFTs
can become even more passionate about it

The first of its kind in Japan and the only platform of its kind in the world.

JAPANMEDIA has the potential to spread throughout the world.

By acquiring NFT
Enthusiasts who have not been able to shine their light until now
and contribute to society.

The beauty of blockchain is that it is an unprecedented human-discovered
technology that allows people who have never been in the spotlight to
contribute to the community and be equally recognized and rewarded in a highly transparent place.

For example, people who are active in a typical organization are
are evaluated and rewarded in groups that are based on human ties and subjective images. and rewards are based on subjective images and relationships.
In the world of blockchain, the evaluation mechanism is automatically determined in a team called DAO, which cannot be called an organization, and only those who have substantially contributed to the organization can be rewarded by earning NFTs.

JAPANMEDIA Contents Strengths

01-Providing a variety of manga content

02-Translate original IP into multiple languages

03-Offering illustrations with NTFs for all content

04-Sell content with NTFs on platforms around the world

NTFs can be utilized to link to the Metaverse.

Possibility of development on the metaverse

  • Metaverse Space Content Sales

  • Selling advertising space on our own platform

  • Conducting small PR events or opening a store

  • Promoting tourism, including pilgrimages to sacred sites

  • Organize large scale events using content

The webtoons we have developed allow Japanese manga artists, who are accustomed to complex compositions, to submit their work freely.
AI automatically converts to split and vertical scrolling, generating versatile data without hassle.
Fan Community x Manga Anime Distribution Platform with Centralized Worldwide Management
We plan to expand the distribution area initially to China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia, then to the U.S., Korea, and Europe.